Saturday, May 3, 2014

Haul 6 for April

This was my last haul for April...It was actually two shipment but they are small enough to combine...I also added a pic of the fringe on here, I think someone on traders wanted it! 

Little black bag is official over on May 5th...So I can finally save money for my new apartment!I still have one more box (my last box)...Also I am doing a giveaway in May but for that to happen, I will need you guys to click on the subscribe button for this blog! Once I reach 100 I will do the giveaway!!! So here is my last haul for April 

Part 1 

Cole Haan Aviator Sunglasses $98
- I traded like crazy for this cause my boyfriend wanted it and he loves it!!! So I don't mind the $150 trade

Betsey Johnson Adjustable Belt $38 (I opened with these....bad idea...I paid $19.95 for it and it went on sale the next day but they are really cute and I was in need of an adjustable belt)

This is what is looks like on...sorry for the dirty mirror and the flash....

robert rose Star Earrings - $15...these get no love but they are gorgeous in person

Look how pretty! 

Steve Madden 2 Tone Reversable Snood - $44 - Been wanting this for a while and someone on LBB was kind enough to trade it to me...Thank you!

I love it...this is just such a great scarf....

Part 2 

Kelsi Dagger Fernanda Wedge Size 6.5 - $135...added this right before my bag closed love the color but yet to find out how walk-able they are...They are comfy around the apartment though! 

Kelsi Dagger Fabricea Flat Size 6.5 - $99 ..been wanting these for a while so had to add the when they went on sale...and I was prepared for them to be more yellow because that was the color on the website...even though the picture was on the blush one.

Restricted Bay Loafer Size 7-$50 I sized up for these and glad I did...but these are really stylish and very very comfortable even more so that the KDs

Jardin Flower Beaded Necklace - $36

These are so cute, you can dress them up or down!! Love it!!!!

Stein & Blye Stone Drop Earrings - $24...these did not get much love either but I love how sparkly they are...and I love stone and crystals....

zad Floral Owl necklace - $26 traded like crazy for this and the chain is a little cheap and flimsy but I love how cute the owl is

The owl is huge 

This does not get much love either but it is so pretty.... only disappointment is that it broke after my first use...I wrote to LBB but I don't thing they will help...hopefully I can fix it

BCBGeneration Wrap Necklace  - $ 25

1928 Oval Flower Drop Earrings - $18....these are gorgeous and vintage...they have a nice glassy glow to it....

Pictures don't capture the beauty of this....

Jardin Irregular Shaped Earrings - $34...for some reason I thought they would be thicker...I like that it is silver and will use it but not my favorite and definitely not a $34 earring. 

Accentuality Indiana State Necklace - $49...I live in Indiana right now and I love is small and classy....

Look how pretty! 

S.P.L Modified Wayfarer Sunglasses - $ one loves these sunnies and probably because of the terrible picture on LBB but these are really cute and the color is great! So if you have it don't trade it cause they are super cute

S.P.L Colored Aviator Sunglasses - $36...these are cute as well but personally I prefer the other ones because they are more classic. 

Steve Madden Navajo Knit Earflap Hat - $34 another item I have wanted for a while and it is super cute as well!!! 

KD on...the Patent leather hurts a bit! 

Wedges not wear these with footies it slips...also, the wedges are a little narrow so not as stable...I am treating these like regular high heels and therefore walking with more caution! 

The BJ fringe on...this is from a prev haul...
So I paid a total of $117 and my bag is worth $761....I like most everything and I really will miss LBB...until next time!!! 

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  1. I had no idea that owl is so big! But it's adorable! Nice haul! Hopefully in a week or two I will be dedicating several blog posts to my final month of LBB... I went a little overboard. if you're interested :)