Friday, April 25, 2014

Lbb Haul 5 of 6 - Leather!!!

So I opened 2 bags for the buy one bag and get two free bags. Here is the review for both bags combined! I traded around some and shipped in 3 days once I was satisfied with everything in my bags!!! I paid about $95 for this bag including shipping and it was worth - $842

I also included two little things I recently picked up from Kohl's...Hope you like the post! 

The Haul!!!!!

Charles Jourdan Beatrix Top Handle Crossbody - $365
I wanted this bag the moment I saw it and traded another KD leather and the new London Fog cross-body (the bag I opened with) to get this! It is my other every day bag when I want to wear non-black. It is a great satchel and has room for your notebooks, ipad and all sorts of other things! 

Inside! I chose to ship my bag in 3 days from opening because I wanted this to so bad and I was worried if I waited too long I would either get a tarnished one or would get an Out of Stock notice. 

This is what is looks like on, mind you I am only 5 feet so it looks a little big on me. The clasp is a little worrisome (Sorry about the flash)

Kelsi Dagger Prospect Heights Hobo - $198
I got insane trades for this but so glad I kept this is beautiful and sexy and sleek...need I say more? 
Kensie Speedway Satchel - $99
This bag looked new when it arrived but was poorly stuffed. However since LBB hasn't had it for a while, the lack of stuffing didn't bear negatively on the bag

The bag has the cutest inside I have seen in a while

It also has a snap close front pocket! 

1928 Flower Necklace - $16
This looks so pretty and I can do another post where I can post pics of all my jewelry from LBB

The Kensie does come with straps but I intend using them without the straps and this is what it looks like without the straps. Let me know if you want pictures of it with the longer straps. and yes I am wearing the Raj Imports Poncho! 

KELSI DAGGER Carrol Gardens Tote - $298

This is a great size and will replace my everyday black bag! 

Ivanka Trump Ivanka Laser Cut Zip Around Wallet - $95
As promised in the last post, this is what the wallet looks like and it comes with its own dust bag! It is so cute. I kept the yellow for myself and decided to give the red one to my mum for mothers' day....

Tonnes of card slots and there is room to even carry a check book! 

S.P.L Square Glam Sunglasses - $32
These are so cute ad if you got these in your bag don't trade them. 

I also got the Miztique Tote with Side Hardware - $68
I got it as a present but this bag is such good quality, and looks great! I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to open it since i am giving it as present but I tried to peek in and it is gorgeous!

Last I got a set of 6 socks for $16 and a Jewelry Stand for $12 (on Sale from Kohls) for all my new Jewelry. Here is the picture!

Hope you like this post stay tuned for a giveaway in May since I have had more than 500 views of my blog in 2 months! 

On another note I will really miss Little Black Bag, I hope Pose can live up to the awesomeness and make it better

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Haul 4 of 6 April 2014 Little Black Bag

So here is my 4th little black bag haul for April!!!!!

I paid $90.46 for this bag with shipping and the value was $742...I love this bag...the next is even better. I am not going to do a how to join LBB in this post because little black bag is closing and switching to POSE. 

So here goes!!!! (click on pics for larger images)

The Haul 

Pour La Victoire Bailey Flat Size 6 - $80
I love these...each shoe has its own dust bag and they are super comfy and best part they were free! I did trade my other free shoe for this...they do run a little big so I used some foot comfort stuff from Dr. Scholls inside 

coconuts Targa Sneaker Size 6.5 - $59
I love these I opened with them....the fit true to size and are super second favorite after the PLVs 

Penny Loves Kenny Gryta Flat Size 6.5 - $49
this was a free shoe from the shoe sale and it fits well and so cute...I love flats in different colors and red happens to be my favorite

Henry Ferrara Professor 100 Rainboot Size 6 - $70 (This shoe was super dusty as was the box , they fit fine but I had to clean it a bit to make them wearable)

Ivanka Trump Walker Pump Size 6 - $135, they are nice for formal use!


All the rage Multi Stone Bracelet - $28
I am not a bracelet person but these look great on my tiny wrists! 

K.Kreative Owl Hamsa Earring Set - $15
I had to get these since I did not get the CS owl earrings in my last bag! I love it!

1928 Montana Flower Necklace - $24
I like this very much as well! LBB has turned me into a necklace person...

Lemon Bethany Dot Clear Anklet - $8Lemon Cushion Comfort Modal Liner - $8
These were just thrown in the box , I wish they came with some kind of packaging but the liner is super comfy and cushiony and the anklet is super cute!!!! 

zad Happy Dictionary Necklace - $18
I love Zad!!! and this is heavy and looks beautiful and my boyfriend loves it....

Ivanka Trump Ivanka Laser Cut Zip Around Wallet - $95
I am sending this to my mum in India for Mother's day but I have another in my next bag that I have opened and you can see that post for what it looks like inside!

Pink Cosmo Frame Tote - $78
I have wanted this for a while but I have so many bags I think I will give this to my boyfriend's sister. I think this is so her! 

Inside and it has a nice strap...the zipper is a little odd. 

this is what it looks like the size!!!

Raj Imports Fishnet Poncho - $75
Love this! I have wanted it for a while and then it went on sale and I got it for $10 and I love it!! It is great for all seasons! Trust me on this! I have worn it to school and received very many compliments 

I love everything in this bag and it is great value!! I have two more bags for this month!!! so stay tuned and subscribe! I am also doing a giveaway in May so stay tuned!!! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

April Little Black Bag Haul 3 of 6

2nd post for today!!!! Haul 3 for April!!!! find out how you can save 25% of your first little black bag at the end of this post!
Here goes Haul 3 for this month!!! 

My first LBB big haul that came in a LBB box!!!!

This is everything I got in my Bag for this haul! 

This was another Pose trade that I got last minute and saw it after I came back from grocery shopping
envy Wintergreen Wedge Size 6 - $60...These are actually really cute and great for summer. They fit true to size and comfy!!

Cejon Diamond Shape Infinity Scarf - $28
I really need a black scarf to wear regularly and got this in a trade. They are perfect for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down. I really like them!

33rd & MAD by Koret La Vie en Rose Crossbody - $78
I have been wanting a bag like this for a while and was happy I could trade for this, it is tiny and perfect for spring/summer. 

It also has a cute mirror on the inside!!!!

Raj Imports Wall Hooks, Triple - $ 48 and the double hooks were - $32 each.
I really like them and they will be great for my studio in my new apartment but I got them for $10 each and that is about how much I would pay for these since they aren't the greatest quality and the paint is chipped of in places. They look like hooks I can buy from street side vendors/stores in India!

Skinn Cosmetics Color Affair Blush & Bronze - $28
Love love love this palette! They are just what I like, neutral non shimmery bronzer/blush!!! love it. I dislike shimmer for daytime/everyday use and these are perfect! 

robert rose Stone Pull Through Earrings (Green ones) - $16
zad Faceted Teardrop Earrings - $18
I like both the earrings especially the ZAD! I love ZAD stuff and can't wait for LBB to have a ZAD sale! 

ViaNova Striped Band Watch - $35I got the gold cuff the last time so I wanted a silver toned watch this time and these are really cute! 

Hello Kitty Bow Laptop Case - $45got this new laptop case for my new laptop! It is so cute. I have always been a huge hello kitty fan! 

Cute Pink on the inside with a Hello Kitty Logo 

Steve Madden Talia Crossbody - $68
This is the cutest bag ever and I use it everyday! That is how much I love this bag! I got trades over $300 for this bag but I knew I had to ship it. I held on to it and so glad I did! This is super cute and fun 

I also had this in my order - Catherine Stein Designs Horseshoe, Owl, Feather Earring set - $18 But I never received it since it was OOS (Out of Stock) even though there were like 10 of these in the trading gallery at the time they told me it was OOS but I got an exchange gallery and got another piece of jewelry. This was the first time this happened with my Little Black Bag but I was sort of expecting it since I never received an email about my shipment but had it delivered! But since it was my first time, I let it slide. 

Anyway, I paid $96.60 and got stuff worth $488 ( + $18 for the earrings in exchange credits which will be added to my next bag). I really like everything in my bag but I think after this month there won't be more bags, shoes or jewelry that I would want for a while :)
Hope you liked my haul ! 

I have 3 more hauls for this month so stayed tuned and subscribe! Also I plan on doing a giveaway in the future once I have 500 page views and 100 subscribers...So watch this space for future giveaways!!!

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How Does LBB work - LBB is a monthly subscription for $10 (or $9.95 don’t remember), you get to use  $10 to open a bag or save $9.95 in credit, you can skip any month before the 5th and cancel any time. The shipping is $5.95 and you get a few stylist picked items free when you bundle your item or you can open with only one item. You also get 7 days to trade items in your bag which is a lot of fun! you can go higher or trade fro things you love. I usually like to trade my free items but a lot of times, I have traded my main item if I got some awesome offers.